William_SnavelyEver since Shirley became a board member six years ago, W. R. Snavely has willingly volunteered to help promote RMHC in every way possible.

He has donated many hours, hard work and mileage to help with the Pull Tab Campaign for the past six years. From Starr County to Cameron County, he and Shirley have loaded the pull tabs and transported them back to the recycling center here in Harlingen during the Spring and again in Winter. He has picked up as little as (one ziplock quart bag) to as much as 3,223 pounds of pull tabs from La Joya!

W.R., his truck and trailer have been available on other occasions as well. He has helped transport auction items to the Wild Game Feast sites at Tom Watson’s place, the Girl Scout Camp, and recently, to Puesta Del Sol.

He has been very generous and has also donated several auction items for the Wild Game Feast. Among the most popular items are the wooden rocking horses and children’s rockers. He is always there, willing to help. In fact, he can be found driving the guests in the golf cart from the parking lot to the event site.

Dating back to 2003 when he first started volunteering, W.R. has donated 139.50 hours. Please receive this recognition as a sign of our appreciation for your hard work and devotion to the Ronald McDonald House!