Around the House

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Bonham Elementary stated baking cookies at the Harlingen Ronald McDonald House nearly three years ago. As sponsors of the Student Council, we were looking for an opportunity for our students to perform some community service that would be meaningful but also fun for them. Baking cookies at RMHC has sure done that for our group. We try to come monthly rotating our members through so that each Student Council member is able to go at least once during the school year. Our students love to bake chocolate chunk cookies the best, but we have also started decorating pre-made cookies while we are there, so that our members can use their artistic side as well. In December for example, we decorated gingerbread houses in addition to baking fresh cookies. Our Student Council has gained a great deal through this opportunity. Often there are residents who are preparing a meal in the kitchen while we are baking and our Student Council members are able to speak with them. The students realize in that moment that they are making a real life person-not someone theoretical, feel a little better during a really difficult time in their life. Bonham Elementary’s Student Council is so thankful for the opportunity to provide meaningful community service and have a great time while doing it.
Thank you,

Dawn Burbach, Rita Galloway

Student Council sponsors